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Chené Joubert

Managing & Sales Director

Chené oozes confidence, assertiveness, energy and a positive attitude with all she does. A million dollar smile that wraps around her face the minute you meet her. If there was only one word to describe her it would be "Dynamic".

Her bubbly personality is infectious and quickly spreads throughout the office on her rounds in the morning.

Chené demonstrates high levels of motivation, she is continuously developing & implementing ideas and thoughts to improve the Sun SurPrise Business Structure & Ventures. Strategical Creative Thinker that is well disciplined with her work ethics. Her Aim is not only to grow the business, but to grow individuals on all levels, whether it be personal or company orientated.

Chené is driven by passion, dedication and ambition to take over the world.

Chené has 15 years of sales experience behind her. She started her way up the ladder within small companies, but within a few months they could see she was born to be in sales. Her sales background at KreditInform has given her the knowledge and grounding to move ahead in the business world. She won countless achievements and incentives over the years for being KreditInform's "Top Sales Lady". Chené is goal driven with a high priority for customer satisfaction.

A Deep-rooted commitment to Excellence!

Chené was born in Alberton and moved to Sandton in 2000. Chené's interests & hobbies are: WORK, WORK and more WORK. She also enjoys golf, rugby, fishing and family get togethers. Her children are her life and she tends to spend most of her time with them... "Family is Everything". She loves the outdoors and doing outdoor activities. Chené has a tendency to be "OCD" Obsessive Coffee Disorder:) ....Did I mention she likes work?

Catch Phrase:
"Live a life you will remember"
"you are your choices"
"Entrepreneurship: is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't"

Jean-Jacques Joubert

Sales & Marketing Manager

Together with Chené, Jean was key in introducing the Del Sol products to the South African Market. Whilst on an overseas cruise holiday, they encountered the product and fell in love with the unique concept. Jean approached Del Sol Head office in Utah in which he negotiated the Sole Distribution rights for South Africa and Africa. This gave them the opportunity and gap in the market they needed to build the business on.

Being determined, driven & enthusiastic in sales it is no wonder Jean has a flair for selling. Jean uses these characteristics to inspire and motive his Sales Team. He is definitely a peoples person with a personality & a heart of Gold - 6 foot 6 tall :). He is our gentle giant... "Chewy" GRRRR.

Jean is a very outgoing, social individual and with this likable personality one is drawn to him. He is adventurous, excited about life and seems to pass this energy to the people around him. Jean is the office "joker" with a sense of humour second to none. He passed matric in 2011 born and raised in Alberton. He is currently living in the Randburg area. His approach to sales is one of... "The only thing standing between you and your goal, is the bs story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it"

Jean's interests and hobbies include: Sports in general, gaming, socialising with friends, family get togethers and he loves his amazing Jack Russell... Jeanie

Catch Phrase:
"We will grow together like the mighty oak tree"

Paul Heinrich Coetzee

Operations Manager

Paul has worked for Sun Surprise since January 2014 and started as one of the original three Interns and sales reps. Paul has been a major influence in creating structure and laying down the foundations of operations and general management for the Sun SurPrise Group.

Paul is widely known as being straight forward. He has been the cause of many successful undertakings and his views also play a big part in all final decisions made by the Director. His most valued qualities include his honesty in all things, as well as being a sceptic. Paul has a debating personality when it comes to topics he is comfortable and knowledgeable on. He is hardworking and has burnt the candle at both ends on many occasions to get the job done, he loves to get his hands dirty and being hands on, with all tasks appointed to his division.

Paul passed matric in 2008 with 4 distinctions. Born in Springs he has lived in Pretoria, Witbank and finally settled in Weltevredenpark.

Paul's interests include: Camping, relaxing weekends at home, motorcycles. He loves gaming and learning new programs to play. Braaing with close friends and spending time together. He also enjoys Magic tricks.

Catch Phrase:
"The greatest evil in this world is the indifference of good men" - Boondock Saints
"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing, because he could only do a little" - O.A batista
"No king has to claim himself to be one" - Paul

Zane De Jager

Financial Manager

Zane has been with Sun SurPrise since July 2014. He helped make up our three initial Interns. Zane quickly moved through the ranks within Sun SurPrise. Starting as a sales person he soon found himself on the doorstep of being the Group Financial Head, receiving nothing but praise from all reaches of the Sun SurPrise "Empire".

Zane has become the epitome of precision and trust within our company. You will find his influences and unique touches in all things financial. Working within the company and its many ventures. Directly giving direction to the business in ensuring we do not spend more than we make.

Zane has an easy going personality and is genuinely loyal. All Zane's colleagues are drawn to his gentle warm-hearted nature and he brings smiles to everyone's faces. He can easily adapt to any situation. He has a flare of being the good guy, with a heart of Gold. Zane passed matric in 2011. Born and raised in Jo'burg North. He enjoys spending time on their farm hunting and spending time with close friends and colleagues.

Zane's Personal Hobbies and interests are:
Weekends, anything Geeky and Gaming. Braaing with friends and having a good time out. Passionate about his guitar.

Catch Phrase:
"Work in Silence and let Success make the noise".

Philip Fouché

Credit Manager

Philip was previously a Director of a multinational Clearing & Forwarding Company for Twenty Eight years. His main responsibility was for cargo movement in South Africa, which included Air, Freight, Road & Sea Transport. After his retirement, Philip felt the urge to be part of a Vibrant business and with his invaluable experience he had gained in the industry, joined Sun SurPrise Team in 2012. He is a valuable team player and we are fortunate to have his knowledge and experience across the board in growing the business.

Philip is a perfectionist and he is willing and able to assist in all aspects of the business at all times.

Philip was born and raised in Alberton. Philip's Personal Hobbies and interests are: Spending time with his dogs, handyman work around the house. He loves Solitaire. He also loves the great outdoors and watching rugby.

Catch Phrase:
"Be Grateful for today & never look Back"

Marcele Joubert

Coming soon


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